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Minecraft is all about placing blocks to construct buildings and epic structures. Well, that’s at least what happens at day time, but when the sun goes down, it’s a whole different story. In the realm of Minecraft, when the night sets in monsters start appearing everywhere! Make sure you line up your defenses and shelter your growing city, because them monsters aren’t a bit friendly! To survive the gruesome night you will need to use every trick up your sleeve and be at watch at all times – are you ready to take on the Minecraft PC world?

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Minecraft is a game which is focused on creativeness and building. The player constructs various structures through placing textured cubes wherever he wants to in a 3d environment. You can do pretty much whatever you wish to, but you have to keep in mind that your primary goal is to survival the endless monster attacks or by their gruesome nickname – the hostile mobs. The monsters are comprised of Skeletons, Zombies and Creeps so you best make some shelters and defenses.

Minecraft Modes:

Survival -The most challenging mode in Minecraft for PC. Construct your city and day, and shelter it at night against the monsters. In Survival mode, you have a health bar which is constantly depleted due to the neverending attacks from the monsters and environment damage such as Lava or floods. The player has one more tab to look after, the hunger tab which is replenished by eating foods such as bread and meat. You can also trade goods, forge weapons and kill enemies.

Creative – In this mode you can fly wherever you wish to in the Minecraft world. You also have unlimited resources to build your structures, as well as infinite items and inventory spaces. All hostile forces can’t damage you, and the only when to lose the game is by falling down frmo the Void.

Classic – Classic is the free mode for beginners, which is quite similar to the Creative mode, but with less features. You can play alone of online in the multiplayer server, but there are no computer creatures. The classic mode is no longer updated, and some terrain and building blocks work differently than the survival or creative mode