MineCraft for Computer

Looking for a new online game? Well, besides the countless free to play titles that you can sink your teeth into, there are also games that take MMO in a different direction. It won’t be enlightening, but it sure will be fun to play as you go along. MineCraft PC is that game, and it’s quite a game to begin with. It lends you tools to be as creative as possible, while achieving as much as you can whenever you can. It doesn’t have a fancy fight system or a leveling system, instead it makes up for a majority of the world through one game mechanic. That is through the use of crafting infinite amounts of whatever. Of course, MineCraft for computer is the best default you can go for.

The MineCraft on Computer

The first thing is that the game found its huge fanbase through the PC. It was very evident that both the mainstream and the indie crowds loved this game. When it first came out, almost every major review site and game journalist gave it rave reviews. Of course, the game isn’t without its faults as it is probably one of the lowest in the totem pole of graphically beautiful games. In fact, it was one of the borders that people found hard to overcome. Its block-y, but that is why there is so much room for expansion as it didn’t so much to run. The Minecraft PC game could run on such old systems that it was irresistible to some gamers that didn’t have the cash for upgrades on their PCs. That was probably the point why it got so many people to like it. In the end, that same limitation was also its greatest strength.

Jumping to the Xbox

It was only quite recently that the game finally was released officially. That meant it was no longer based on beta testing as the game was fixed and was working well enough. As an additional surprise, the developers at Mojang Games had even ported it into the Xbox so the console fans could finally get their hands on it. Of course, there were some problems with translations, but overall the game functioned well on the console. You could still build and now with your friends with other Xboxes.

What makes MineCraft PC so fun

Simply put, the game is about creation, simple and clean creation. Some of the players are so devoted that they spent hundreds of hours of creating great stuff. Others choose to make static cities filled with their friends, often their friends go on a personal quest to destroy what they made, or help each other so that the world is even better.

Other players are a bit more creative in that they try their best to make something unique. There are water powered elevators, calculators, computers, all made within the boundaries of MineCraft.  A very unique take on the game had one player spending thousands of hours, just making another MineCraft PC game inside of the game itself. It’s so brilliant and it’s easy to tell a lot of hard working gamers loved wasting the hours there. There is no doubt that those that own Xbox MineCraft will do the same