MineCraft Game

 Indie games have always been known to try something totally different. Braid is interesting in that it has a much deeper message than you think, and Bastion experiments in narrative. So when you hear MineCraft pc game, you probably ask what’s the big deal, or what’s MineCraft, who are you and how did you get into my browser? Any which way you ask about it, there isn’t really one definite answer that can be given. Instead, the details of the game should be mentioned through the countless creations people who play the game have made.

Landmarks of the World

No doubt in a world about creation there are tons of stuff you’d want to make, but like that old lego set you had, you might have stopped one third towards the projects finish. Needless to say most of the people on this list didn’t have that problem as they played the PC MineCraft PC until they finished those monuments.

  1. 1.      Taj Mahal

You may never be able to see the majestic Indian landmark any time soon, but in MineCraft you can at least make it. Of course because of the blocky graphics you won’t actually get to see the full majesty of the giant building, but the replica is astounding in it’s accuracy.

  1. 2.      Empire State

Okay so if you’ve ever watched anything about New York City, or have ever seen it yourself, you must know that the Empire State building is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. The thing may not be the tallest structure in the world anymore, but it is an important building in the City. In the game, the user who made the building cleaned the world that spawned for him dry, as he truly went for one to one scale on the massive tower.

  1. 3.      Arc de Triomphe

Another piece of history embedded into the world of MC, is the titanic Arc from France. There is no chance that you never saw this iconic building even once, as movies love to feature this building, the Louvre, and the Eiffel tower. It’s no wonder some enterprising young builder thought to make this one in the middle of his world.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

MC wouldn’t be a geeky game without geeks. No doubt though, there is no lack of geeky homages in this world, and some of them are more breath taking than others.

  1. 1.      The Battle for Gondor

LOTR is one of the definitive pieces of fantasy ever written, as a bonus the movies were made pretty well too. There is no doubt that this world also made a splash in MineCraft. Particularly, one of the best pieces is the full city of Gondor along with the desperate battle that followed. You’ll probably remember the City from the third movie as it is heavily featured there.


  1. 2.      The Enterprise

Yet another landmark from a beloved geek series is the Enterprise. There is nothing to be said about this because it’s the Enterprise made entirely of blocks. If you notice some of the edges on the map, that is from clearing out his world of every possible material he could.