Minecraft Servers

Have you ever played Minecraft? Better yet, have you ever heard of it? Well, a quick introduction will tell you that the game is a bit of an oddity, yet, it has attracted so many gamers. If you do a quick search for a review, no doubt you’ll see hundreds that mention Minecraft PC as a sort of digital lego set. In a lot of ways that is true because the developer Notch created a game wherein you are dumped into a huge, albeit blocky, world. What do you do in that world? Well, it’s totally up to you as the game really just wants you to do what you want with. In fact, if you look at the different Minecraft servers, you just might see how huge the game really is.

What Minecraft PC Servers hold

Originally, the game was probably never intended as an MMO. Its single player experience is rich, and abundant in stuff to do even when it lacks definite objectives. The world is huge and you can literally travel around for hours just mining rocks and such. At the same time, it’s a dangerous world filled with exploding zombies and nether creatures that can destroy you without even a second thought. Surprisingly enough, no matter how detached this may seem the game is amazing. On servers, the game is even more enhanced as full worlds are made and destroyed, players often participate in PVP matches, or help each other through trading and auction. It’s become such an expansive world that one can’t deny this game the title MMO anymore.

What are the different Servers?

There are tons. From the modders to builders to fighters, Minecraft PC has spawned hosts that vary in quality and in number of people. Often, buying the game originally will give you access to the basic ones, however, for those that want to try the full experience, you’ll have to go out there and hook up to the main sites that host Minecraft games. Of course, a great place to start are the sponsored servers. This is because some of the best players are there, moderators are often vigilant, and you can expect the community to be nicer in general. However, if you feel like you want to try something else, you can always opt to play on non-sponsored servers. Here, players have almost free reign to do what they want. It is also here that creatures that can destroy your creations can be removed, and creativity is put into priority. Just search up “Minecraft servers” on Google and you should fine more than a few sites that offer them.

Minecraft PC is a largely independent game, and it’s a great one at that. In some respects, it trumps AAA titles in that they offer gameplay that is unique and fun at the same time. The game is also cheap, so you should take the time to buy the game. You support the developer, and you help Notch in funding his new projects. If his first foray is any indication of the next game, it’s probably going to be good