Minecraft Skins

MineCraft pc is arguably one of the best crafted indie games that have come out this decade, and yes pun intended. What started out as a little in-game between hardcore players, this little title grew to span a huge fan-base while maintaining quite a simple premise. You are tasked with creating and there are almost no limitations to what those things might be. You can recreate giant set pieces and monuments in the real world. Make a dream land where your creativity runs free. Or, like many other people, you can build giant replica genitals and laugh at the irony. Regardless of what you want to build, the game gives the tools to do so, and at the same time modders on the Internet have also prepared a ton of Minecraft Skins.

What are Skins?

If you’ve ever played one of the games that let you change a character’s costume, then you already know what a skin is. At face value, it’s a lot more like a palette swap, but skins to add a little more fun to the game. There are tons of tributes to older games as well as a little dip into other nerd culture titles. You want to look like Tin-Tin, then go ahead, there’s a skin for that. There is quite a variety, so instead of picking singles, here are some of the best thematically.

Super Mario

Gaming’s obsession with Mario is largely because the game is legendary. There are tons of tributes and videos just to Mario himself, so eventually a few clever modders took the time to redesign your character as well as enemies and friends into what looks like a complete tribute to the game. You can play as Mario, his trusty Yoshii, or if you’re feeling pity, you can play Luigi.

Harmless looking Mobs

Playing MineCraft pc instills a unique kind of fear for blocky enemies. The creepers are probably some of the scariest creatures in gaming, and they don’t even need to be in HD. With a little help from skin editing, these creatures start looking so much less creepy. You can turn them into Santa, a guy named Steve, and a ton of other non-threatening creatures. It’s entertaining to see these sprites walk around your world, as they look like they won’t even be able to harm a fly. Oh look at that, one of them is walking my direction, come here little— HE’S GOING TO EXPLODE.

Contemporary Games

Have you ever played Kingdom Hearts? Or maybe watched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Once again, you can modify the world of MineCraft pc to look like those icons. A number of other titles and nerdy games are also available, and all of them are free to download. Quick words of warning though, make sure to look around for a decent site to download these skins from, as others try to download malware along with the pack.

So there you have it, beyond just skins for Minecraft, there are tons of others mods you can use to improve the game world where your little miner resides. Take some time to look them up, and you will inevitably find something you like